Restorative dentistry to the rescue! We give your smile a second chance

You would be hard-pressed to find more skill and experience in restorative dentistry than here at Athens Dental Group. Dr. R. Lawrence George has been restoring damaged and cosmetically imperfect teeth in northeastern Georgia since the early 1970s, and, with Drs Drew Richardson and Brant Sandifer, the talented trio provides everything from attractive and strong CEREC same-day dental crowns to advanced tooth replacement with precision dental implants. 

Why would I need restorative treatment?

Our dentists would rather prevent and protect than treat and restore; however, we know that not all teeth can be brought back to health, proper function, and an appealing appearance with changes to hygiene and oral care products alone. When a tooth is marred by a smaller cavity, a tooth-colored composite dental filling may be appropriate. A dental inlay can build up and replace lost tooth structure for teeth with larger cavities.

Dummy Crown

Teeth that cannot be restored sufficiently with fillings or inlays can be brought back to health and their previous strength with dental onlays. An onlay is also called a “partial crown” because it is a conservative alternative to full dental crowns. Badly broken or severely damaged teeth may be preserved with a dental crown and root canal therapy (as needed).

What happens if you cannot “save” my tooth? 

Root canal treatment has a high rate of success. However, no treatment has a 100% success rate. And this option is not appropriate for every deeply decayed or infected tooth. In these types of cases, our dentists generally recommend removing the failing tooth and promptly replacing it. We can discuss the many restorative options available to modern dental patients. 

They range from conventional fixed dental bridges and removable “partials” and full dentures to crowns and dentures that are supported by implants. Implants are cylindrical-shaped “artificial tooth roots.” When precisely positioned and secured in the jawbone, implants are connected to and support the prosthetic teeth. They are designed like natural teeth (with tooth roots!) and, in turn, provide the ultimate in stability and patient satisfaction.

Great! What happens after I call you? First, we’ll schedule an initial consultation. During your visit to our office in Athens, GA, one of our dentists will examine your mouth and discuss your personal preferences and goals. From there, we can develop a treatment plan. If there are many needs, treatments can be prioritized by urgency. Our priority is to get you out of pain and ease any acute symptoms of decay or other problems you may be experiencing. Do not “sit” on concerns. Many oral conditions are progressive. They will not get better on their own. Contact Athens Dental Group today at (706) 666-4611. We are here to help!