A guide to dentures that are designed like natural teeth (with dental implants)

Athens Dental Group proudly blends timeless qualities of kind, non-judgmental, and trusted care with timely knowledge and tools to support advanced treatments. In turn, our dentists, Drs Drew Richardson, Brant Sandifer, and R. Lawrence George, are equipped to provide many treatments that cannot be found at other general dental offices in northeast Georgia. Additionally, we offer the ultimate in convenience; most everything that you and your family need can be found here, at the office you know and trust. Implant-supported dentures represent one of our many advanced treatment options.

What are implant dentures?

Also known as implant “overdentures,” implant-supported dentures may be an attractive alternative to conventional dentures. Traditionally, patients with many missing or failing teeth may have dentures made that are held in place by natural suction or products like denture adhesives. Since natural suction is necessary to stabilize these prosthetic teeth and gums, proper fit is essential. 

3D Crown

These dentures must be relined, rebased, and even replaced over time to maintain a proper fit. Without stimulation from the teeth (its chewing function), bone in the jaw resorbs or shrinks. This process of bone resorption alters the fit of the dentures. These prostheses no longer fit as well as they once did and may slip around the mouth and cause discomfort and sores. To stay ahead of this process, ongoing adjustments to the denture are necessary. 

Due to the nature of implant overdentures, the bone in the jaw remains strong. As long as you retain proper oral care and regular visits at our office, your dentures continue to fit, as well as the day you received them.

What makes these dentures different? 

The implants themselves make all the difference. Instead of being held in place by denture products or suction, the implants function like tooth roots to stabilize the prosthetic like natural teeth. The implants are precisely placed by one of our skilled and talented dentists. Once these implants naturally join the surrounding bone, they may be connected to the denture. These dentures are not going anywhere! They “stay put.” Plus, they are a great investment and value because implant-supported dentures can last a lifetime. 

What options do I have for denture treatment with implants? 

Dentures that are held in place with implants may be removable or “fixed” (non-removable). The dentures may be connected to implants with various attachments, including special clips. Both partial or complete (full) dentures may rely on implants for their support. So, these dentures can be an appropriate treatment for patients who are missing all of the teeth in their upper and/or lower jaw(s) or for individuals with several missing or failing teeth. They are a more conservative option than traditional “partials,” which attach to and get their support from neighboring, remaining teeth. This option can place significant stress on the remaining teeth. 

As true partners in your oral health, we are also happy to discuss ways to care for your removable implant dentures. We look forward to discussing the many options to restore and complete your smile in the meantime and proudly serving Watkinsville, Athens, Winder, Bethlehem, Jefferson, Winterville, Madison, and greater northeast GA; call (706) 666-4611 to schedule an appointment at Athens Dental Group today.