Rebuild your jawbone and restore your smile with advanced surgical grafting options

At Athens Dental Group, we are equipped to offer many services that dentist offices from northeastern Georgia and beyond cannot provide to their patients. Our team, led by Drs. Drew Richardson, Brant Sandifer, and R. Lawrence George have invested in considerable continuing education and training on the latest dental technologies and techniques. So, we have the in-house capabilities that allow us to offer many advanced treatments without having to refer our patients to other dental offices or specialists. These treatment capabilities include bone grafting. 

What is bone grafting? 

Grafting quite literally refers to the process of taking tissue from one part of the body and moving it to another part of the body. In our case, the “graft” or tissue that is removed may be taken from one part of the mouth or jaw and moved to another part of the mouth or jaw. Additionally, tissues may be “sourced” from other types of donors. For example, grafts may be derived from synthetic materials or animal bone. 

Why would I need to have a bone graft? 

Bone grafting is primarily recommended to build up the hard or supportive tissue in the jaw. The jawbone may deteriorate due to the process of bone loss or resorption. This process may occur when teeth are lost or removed and not promptly replaced with prosthetic teeth, such as bridges, dentures, or implants. In addition to stabilizing the jaw and presenting a sound foundation for dental implants that function like tooth roots to hold prosthetics in place, bone grafting may be used to correct deformities and address the effects of severe periodontal disease or other invasive processes. 

How is this procedure done? 

If we determine that you can benefit from bone grafting, we may “harvest” quality bony tissue from other parts of the mouth or body, including the rear or front of the mandible (lower jawbone). This type of graft is called “autologous,” as it is derived from your own body. The graft is then precisely positioned in the recessed area that needs to be “built up.” Over time, the graft should naturally heal or fuse to the surrounding hard tissues. Additionally, the grafts that are placed may be sourced from human-engineered or synthetic materials or other human or animal donors. We can discuss the considerations associated with each type with you to determine the best option to restore oral health and function.

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