Benefit from the unique beauty and durability of implant-supported bridges

It is an exciting time to be a dentist! At Athens Dental Group, we have more options than ever before to offer our patients in northeast Georgia who need to replace missing or failing teeth. These options include conventional bridges as well as their counterparts that are supported by dental implant technology.

What is a dental bridge?

3D Implant Bridge

Dental bridges present a time-tested method to replace one tooth, a few teeth, or many teeth that have been extracted or cannot be preserved through other means (like root canal treatment). The bridge is generally made up of a prosthetic tooth (“pontic”) as well as two dental crowns (“abutments”). The crowns and pontic are fused together and then bonded to the teeth that are next to the gap where a tooth used to be. To make room for the crowns, the neighboring teeth must be reduced. So the crown fits on top of them properly. Once the bridge has been applied, the abutments hold the pontic or replacement tooth in place. More pontics may be made and used to replace additional missing teeth. 

How is an implant bridge different?

Traditional dental bridges are supported by neighboring, healthy “anchor” teeth. Implant bridges are supported by “artificial tooth roots” positioned and secured in the jawbone. It is not necessary for our dentists, Drs. Drew Richardson, Brant Sandifer, or R. Lawrence George to modify otherwise healthy teeth. We leave these neighboring teeth intact. Plus, over time, the implant bridge does not place undue stress on the natural abutment teeth. 

What is the process of getting an implant bridge?

First, the implant itself must be placed. Each dental implant functions as a tooth root. Other dental practices are not equipped to provide implant placement. Athens Dental Group, however, can handle every step of the process in-house. Once we have precisely positioned the implant in the jawbone, it will naturally join the surrounding tissues over the next several months. In turn, implants become a part of the jaw and can then provide a stable foundation for the prosthetic tooth that is attached to it. 

Many benefits flow from this natural design. By mimicking the structure of a natural tooth, our patients in and around Athens, Georgia, enjoy the most lifelike appearance, feel in the mouth, and function. Notably, implant bridges also help to retain bone structure. When the jaw does not get stimulation from teeth that are attached to it, the bone shrinks or resorbs. This process can make functional problems worse and alter the look of the face, giving you an “aged,” sunken, or collapsed appearance. Today’s modern implant bridges provide a conservative alternative to traditional bridges that keep the bone strong and are a terrific value because they last a lifetime with good care. Call (706) 666-4611 with questions and to schedule an appointment with Drs. Richardson, Sandifer, or George.